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Review copies of My Name is Meledandri by Maraina Lewis are now available for interested reviewers. Review copies are available in the following formats: epub, & mobi. Please only sign up if you are interested in providing a review. Read the terms below before signing up.

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Summary from LoveLight Press:

Hunters don’t become the Hunted. When the game is cat and cat, often all a hunter can strive for is survival.

Meledandri has retained her youth for nearly sixty years, but surviving the City’s near-constant danger has transformed her from a loving young woman into a self-absorbed vampire with a heart of stone. Her days are an endless stream of shoe shopping, disconnection, and meaningless sex.

Rachel Dawson is a bounty hunter, but there’s more to her bounties than simple bail-jumpers: Rachel’s bounties are supernaturals which menace human society, and she’s good at her job. So when Meledandri picks the wrong woman to bite, Rachel comes to her defense, and the two hunters are pitted against one-another in a deadly game which should only have one outcome.

But Meledandri finds her rigid heart shaken to life by this bold, brave young woman. The woman who has to kill her the moment her true nature is revealed.

The City is harsh. Maybe Meledandri will have to be harsher…

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