Promoting a new release (or re-release) is one of the most difficult parts of being a writer. It’s time consuming and oftentimes frustrating when you don’t know who to query. Chasing down ARCs for the promised review is also a pain. Indigo Marketing (Lori Bell Blantin) has been in this business a long time and will handle all your promotion needs with the TLC you deserve. Let Lori do the legwork so you can enjoy your achievement with the least amount of stress. I’ve used Indigo for several of my new releases and have always been pleased with the results.

Mickie B. Ashling, Author

Lori’s the best at promotion! She hosted several Facebook launch parties for me, and all I can say is WOW! She really puts her talents to work finding perfect songs to fit the book and coming up with interesting topics to discuss. You definitely can’t go wrong with Lori.

Carol Lynne, Author

Working with IndiGo mitigated the stress of releasing my first novel. They were professional, courteous, timely and thoughtful, and I will certainly work with them again in the future. I have no qualms whatsoever in recommending them to others, and do so frequently! Thank you, IndiGo; you’re a godsend!

Amelia Faulkner, Author

Lori Blantin ran several Facebook parties to promote my new releases. I have been struck by her attention to detail and efficient handling of the ‘backroom’ arrangements, while at the same time she never loses her sense of fun. Her parties are lively and engaging, but Lori can also be relied on to get the job done in terms of raising my author profile, establishing new contacts and networks, and connecting with my readers. Lori understands social media, and in particular she is clued up about creative ways of using these channels for marketing books. I’m happy to recommend her.

Ashe Barker, Author

FB parties are a whirlwind of activity and Lori did an amazing job keeping up with all the threads, stimulating new conversations and balancing the needs of all the What’s his Passion authors. I had a great night and gained a lot of new friends and readers as a result.”

LM Somerton, Author

Lori Blantin knows how to host a fantastic FaceBook party! She made it so easy to interact with others, and she was very entertaining. Her wit and organizational skills really made the entire event more fun than I’d hoped it’d be. Thank you, Lori!

Bailey Bradford, Author

Lori was well-organized and eased me into my first Facebook chat

Sean Michael, Author

It was during the launch of my first full-length novel that I first met Lori. As part of the PR for the release, my publishers were throwing a fabulous Facebook party where other authors could participate and fans could get a glimpse into the world behind the book.

I’m not a social (media, or otherwise) butterfly. I find attention difficult and I’m not a hugely confident person. The idea of a Facebook party was daunting and I hadn’t the faintest idea what to expect.

Luckily for me, the party was being hosted by the wonderful Lori Blantin. She kept the party moving by sharing media clips, songs and pictures I had provided and also made the prize giveaways a lot of fun! There was never a quiet moment and I felt myself giddy with the response from the attendees and my nervousness disappeared until all I felt was excitement.

The party was in fabulous hands and I really do hope to work with Lori again in the future. She is truly a superstar.

Pamela L. Todd, Author

This is an incredible company. Lori is a dream to work with and made my book tours and facebook party totally stress free. I know I drove her nuts with my questions and panic attacks but she took everything in stride and still smiled at me (virtually) and “held my hand” when I needed it. Promotion is not easy. Promoting your work is incredibly hard. But Lori made it simple. She handled everything! I honestly thought I was going to have to do all this stuff, like be witty and fun. But I didn’t have to be because she was! Even with the facebook party she was the one who kept it all going with songs and pictures and prizes and game questions. She is amazing. I am not kidding. I was in awe. Such crazy talent and insight she makes everything seem easy when clearly it just can’t be. I will be back for more as soon as I write more books to promote. Thank you, Lori. Hugs!

Hurri Cosmo, Author


  1. Lori is professional and so helpful. She makes things as simple as possible for the author.

    1. Thank you Rebecca!

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