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Title:  Violent Horizons

Author: Sam Clover

Publisher:  NineStar Press

Release Date: 11/01/2022

Heat Level: 3 – Some Sex

Pairing: Male/Male

Length: 75800

Genre: Science Fiction, LGBTQIA+, Action/adventure, aliens, alpha males, bonded, dark, explicit sex, immortal, interspecies, mind control, scientists, sex industry, space/sci-fi

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Silas has lived his entire life in a tiny, floating workshop in the ass end of the galaxy with his tinkerer lover. When a tall, dark, and dangerously handsome technophiliac murders his tinkerer in search of a code, Silas is thrown from the only home he’s ever known, out into a universe teeming with monsters.

Stranded and terrified, he’s rescued by a massive Reptilian named Loc with a bad attitude and a well-earned wariness toward anything remotely human. The last thing Loc expects is for a human to worm its way through his defenses. Or for that damn human to lead him on a chase through the galaxy when the charming technophiliac discovers his precious code did not die with the tinkerer.


Violent Horizons
Sam Clover © 2022
All Rights Reserved

01: Bitter Black Coffee
Silas was an abomination, and he didn’t even know it. The insidious guilt about Ehsan’s creation gnawed at him most in those dreadful, quiet moments when Silas was asleep.

Not that he ever let the guilt stop him. Even as it plagued his thoughts, his wayward fingers slid up the smooth, warm flesh of a calf and over the thin, barely there sheet that hugged those subtle curves of the thigh and hip in all the right places. The farther up he traveled, the harder his lust strained against his pants.

Sleepy eyes fluttered open to shine a clear crystal blue, completely indistinguishable from real ones, if a little brighter. Originally, he’d made them from resin, but that was a long time ago. Now those eyes and every other piece of that lithe body were synthesized from a material he didn’t completely understand. All he knew was how real they sparkled in the artificial sunlight. How real the soft flesh submitted beneath his hungry touch. And how merely gazing into that oblivious sea of crystalline blue made his knees weak.

He perched on the side of the bed. His touch travelled faster, gliding up over the firm muscle of Silas’s ass cheek.


Ehsan cringed. He hated that he taught Silas that word. When he was only a prototype—a vaguely sentient marionette with the intelligence of a lemming—it had been cute. But now… “You’re an adult. Please try to sound like one.”

Silas let out a sleepy groan. He shifted beneath the sheet as he rolled onto his side, stretching his spine in a curl and slipping a pale leg farther out of the sheet. Like he had no idea what it was doing to Ehsan. He pushed his messy blond curls out of his face and murmured, “You like it.”

Ehsan wrapped his hand around his soft thigh. He pulled the lithe young man closer, to the tune of a laugh, and fumbled with his own pants. “It’s creepy. Call me by my name.”

Silas’s plump, pink lips twitched with the beginnings of a lazy grin, enough to show the glint of his teeth before he grazed them over his bottom lip and breathily said, “Papi?”

Ehsan coughed out a laugh. “No–”

“Ay,” Silas ran a foot up Ehsan’s side, “mi papi chulo.”

“You—” Ehsan caught the foot. He chuckled as he pressed a teasing kiss to the curving arch on his way to climb onto the bed. He pushed Silas’s legs off to the side and pulled that round ass tight against his swelling groin.

Every inch of that warm flesh felt human, even the way the muscles clenched in anticipation of him. As he did in a thousand other moments like it, he was more than happy to forget what Silas really was.

He freed his cock and spat on it. The cool recycled air barely got a chance to touch it before he pushed inside.

Silas moaned softly. He curled his pale arms up over his head to grab fistfuls of the white sheets. So innocent, so willing, and without a clue how wrong it all was.

The guilt crept its way in, but the wet, tight heat enveloped him, melting those feelings clean away. His eyes rolled. His jaw slackened. He buried himself to the hilt before he began to rock his hips in shallow thrusts and dug his fingers into the pale flesh of Silas’s thigh, as if there were any chance he might slip away.

“Papi,” Silas panted out.

“Shush,” Ehsan ordered. “Don’t talk.”


Ehsan cracked his eyes open to glare down into those glimmering blues. But he found them wide and staring past him. His annoyance deflated. He glanced at the monitor on the wall as a ship pulled up alongside his.

“Shit!” Ehsan pulled out.

He stumbled off the bed and across the room. His erection slipped and bounced awkwardly from his fingers as he tried to stuff it into his pants. It was hard to think. Hard to remember the damn code he hadn’t used in months, but he tapped at the wall console anyway. Only took two tries to get it right.

The hiss of the airlocks filled the corridor. God, it grated on him, almost as much as the visitors the hiss announced. He cast a lingering glance at the blushing young man in his bed and sighed. “Just… Don’t move.”

“Sí, papi.”

Ehsan snorted. “Stop it.” He tore his eyes away and swept the curtains aside to go out and meet the opening airlock door.

A series of grunts preceded his guest. Took him all of two seconds to recognize the ship itself even though it had been nearly a decade since he’d seen it. Could use a decade more, if he were honest.

He leaned against his workshop counter and waited for the ox of a man to come bursting on through.

And sure enough, he did. Kaveh, his nephew, was a good six inches shy of the top of the seven-foot airlock frame, but he still ducked when he went under.

A light, ocean breeze cologne heralded his presence. As if it needed to, with all the drama of his walk and the flashiness of his clothes. This was a man who liked to stand out in a crowd, never mind a tiny room on a tiny station.

Kaveh flashed a quick smile at Ehsan and dropped a box on the counter beside him. “My favorite uncle! You look”—he paused and gave Ehsan a quick once-over—“older. I bring gifts!”

“Not really ‘gifts’ if I paid for them.” Ehsan folded his arms over his chest. The gesture came off a lot more insecure and a lot less intimidating than he intended.

“I brought what you asked for, but that’s not all.” Kaveh flicked open the latch. He carefully lifted the lid with both hands and gingerly pulled out a small glass vial. “This has been killing me the whole trip. You must tell me what it is. Medical or pleasure?”

“It’s not a drug.” Ehsan took it from him. “Where’s the book?”

“What book?”

Panic clawed up Ehsan’s spine. He gave his nephew a hard look. “It came with a book. A matchbox-sized book.”

Kaveh’s brows furrowed. “That thing with Chinese symbols?”

“It was Korean,” Ehsan growled.

“I threw it away. You don’t know Korean.”

Ehsan let out a frantic, humorless laugh. “I am fluent, you fuckwit.” He pressed the heel of his palm to his forehead as he stared at the vial in his hand.

This was bad.

That vial contained the code for a major update in his secret project. A very illegal update in a very illegal project, and one dangerous to discuss over comms. Without the patch notes, he had no way of knowing all the changes the code would make.

But what he did know about it set his heart racing with anticipation. He wasn’t sure how willing he was to wait another decade for the patch notes to be re-sent.

“Maybe this will help you relax.” Kaveh pulled things out. “Tea, whiskey, cigars, and”—he twitched his lips into a toothy grin as he brandished a box—“a doll to keep you company.”

Ehsan gaped at the box. “You bought me a blowup doll?”

“It gets lonely out here. She has a virtual intelligence that’s kind of charming, and you love tinkering so much, I thought you would—” Kaveh cut himself off. His gaze darted to the curtains.

Ehsan stiffened as his attention followed Kaveh’s to the naked body gliding out, unabashed under both their gazes with an erection in full view.

Kaveh was speechless. Briefly. It wasn’t long before his grin reappeared, and he gave Ehsan a you-old-hound-dog wink. He crossed the floor to offer Silas his hand. “Well, hello there! I had no idea my uncle already had company.”

Instead of taking the hand, Silas moved in closer. “Hello.” He ran his hands up Kaveh’s chest and pulled him down for a kiss.

“No!” Ehsan dove for them. He snatched Silas around the waist, tore him well away from Kaveh and gave him a push at the curtains. “What the fuck are you doing?”

Silas dragged his feet like he didn’t want to go. “I was greeting him.”

“We don’t greet strangers like that.” Ehsan cursed himself for not teaching Silas a goddamn handshake.

“He’s your nephew.”

“Get some pants on.” Ehsan yanked the curtains closed on his way back to his grinning nephew. “And you! Don’t say a fucking word.”

“Friendly guy, ain’t he?” Kaveh laughed.

Ehsan glared at him. “You got anything else in that box?”

“And here I thought you were just really excited to see me.”


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Meet the Author

Sam Clover has been writing for over 15 years on online archives. She started out in the fanfiction community and made the leap over a decade ago into original queer fiction. She has a passion for representation, for kindness, and for encouraging new writers first putting their pen to paper.

She is a pansexual feminist with a penchant for pirates and horror, and she lives waaay up North in Alberta, Canada with her furbabies.

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