Release Blitz: Caught In Between by Tamryn Eradani (Excerpt & Giveaway)

Title:  Caught In Between

Series: Daniel and Ryan, Book 8

Author: Tamryn Eradani

Publisher:  NineStar Press

Release Date: September 11, 2017

Heat Level: 5 – Erotica

Pairing: Male/Male

Length: 13900

Genre: Contemporary, NineStar Press, LGBT, BDSM, contemporary, established relationship, businessmen, menage

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As a natural extension of their last scene, Daniel and Ryan invite a third to join them for one night.


Caught In Between
Tamryn Eradani © 2017
All Rights Reserved


Daniel’s not overly fond of sex toys. He’d much rather have his partner’s hands or mouth on him, but of the toys he and Ryan use, the suction-cup dildo is one of his favorites.

Right now it’s planted on the bedroom floor, and Daniel has his arms braced on either side of it as Ryan fucks him. There’s a hand in Daniel’s hair, pulling just as hard as he likes, forcing his head down, forcing him to take the dildo deeper than he would on his own. Ryan times it so he’s shoving Daniel’s head down as he thrusts his hips in.

Daniel gasps and chokes at the same time, sound trailing off to a whimper as Ryan lets up enough for Daniel to breathe and try to pull himself back together before Ryan breaks him apart again.

“You’re the loudest when I stuff you full,” Ryan says. He strokes his hand through Daniel’s hair now instead of grabbing it.

Daniel wants a rougher touch, wants to go back to what they were just doing, to when Ryan pushed Daniel right up against the edge of too much. Ryan’s hips roll, maddeningly slow, a tease that makes Daniel spread his knees another inch apart, presenting himself, trying to encourage Ryan to fuck him, hard and fast, until all Daniel can do is feel.

“Ironic,” Ryan says, still carrying what Daniel thinks is a stupid conversation. Ryan could be doing so many better things—fucking Daniel, for example—and instead he’s prattling on about words.

Maybe it’s what he’s looking for, though. Daniel’s not big on words once he’s in a scene. He has his three colors, but he rarely has to use those. He thinks Ryan would like him more vocal, more audibly appreciative, even though Daniel thinks the way he’s always a wrung-out mess once Ryan’s done with him speaks pretty loudly as to how Daniel feels about their sex life.

But relationships—and Daniel still stumbles over the word—are about compromise, about trying to fit better with each other with each passing day, and if Ryan wants Daniel louder then he can try.

Daniel pretends his arms are braced on Ryan’s thighs instead of hardwood, pretends the cock in his mouth is Ryan’s and he sets out to give it the attention it deserves. He doesn’t need a hand in his hair to shove his head down, to make him take Ryan’s cock as deep as it can go. Daniel can do it on his own, can do it because he wants to.

He closes his eyes and lets himself imagine Ryan is filling him from both ends; he has Ryan’s cock in his ass and his mouth. He’s surrounded by Ryan, hands on his hips to hold him steady, hands in his hair to pull Daniel closer. And Daniel opens his body for Ryan in every way he can, opens himself to every touch, every word, everything Ryan wants to give him.

But there aren’t two sets of hands on him, and when Daniel moans around the cock in his mouth, it doesn’t jump at the vibrations, doesn’t grow harder. Daniel’s hands scramble against hardwood instead of someone’s thighs. The next sound Daniel makes is closer to a growl, frustrated, because what he wants is out of his reach.

“I have you,” Ryan says. He fucks Daniel harder, knocks him onto his forearms instead of his hands, and it’s good, but it’s not enough.

When Daniel comes, he’s equal parts satisfied and guilty.


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Meet the Author

Tamryn studied English and Creative Writing in school but has been writing since she could first hold a pencil. Recently, she’s turned her focus towards writing erotica. She enjoys writing stories where sex comes first, then feelings, because doing things out of order can be fun.

Tamryn has spent the past few months writing the Daniel and Ryan series with a lovely view of mountains out her window, and she’s now searching for a new mountain range to serve as her backdrop as she begins her next project.



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