The Closing of Torquere Press

Those of us at IndiGo Marketing would like to offer our support to all authors affected by the coming closure of Torquere Press. We’ve worked closely with both Torquere and its authors to help ensure the authors got their books in front of readers. We’re extremely saddened by the loss of another publishing house in our small genre.

To those authors who are affected by this shut down, our thoughts are with you. We wish you all the best of luck in republishing your books!

To help make this transition smoother, IndiGo Marketing would like to extend its services to any authors looking to republish their books at a discounted rate. Authors who are looking to republish their Torquere books can contact us to receive a 50% discount on our marketing and editing services for these books. We will also be offering a 25% discount on our formatting services for former Torquere Press books

Whether you opt to self-publish or bring your books to new publishers, we wish you the utmost success!

— Lori, William, and Nathan

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