Available for Review: Claimed by the Order by J. Johanis

Claimed by the Order Cover Review copies of Claimed by the Order by J. Johanis are now available for interested reviewers. Review copies are available in mobi, epub & PDF.  Please only sign up if you are interested in providing a review. Read the terms below before signing up. -By signing up, you agree to read and review within 2 weeks of receiving the book. -Each review should begin with a disclaimer stating that the book was provided for free in exchange for an honest review. -Even though this book is being gifted to you please do not share it with anyone. -Please also post your review to Goodreads/Amazon/etc. in addition to your blog. -Review copies will be sent directly by IndiGo. -Signing up does not guarantee you will receive a copy. -Review copies will be sent on weekly basis.

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Summary from Goodreads: Young and eager to join the social playground of the gods, Marduk enters his first day of college at the exotic mountain retreat at the Temple of Power. But he swiftly falls into the clutches of a secret order. Confronted by the powerful gods who wish to claim him, Marduk is defenseless. His only way out: to lure another virgin god into the Order. Marduk finds refuge in the young god Anu-Akad. Delivering Akad to the order would earn Marduk his freedom, but Marduk struggles to keep his love affair hidden from the Order. Will his efforts be in vain? He failed to save himself. Is he strong enough to save his lover? Advisory: Contains portrayals of m/m sex, violence, non-con, & abuse. Intended for mature readers.

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