SIGN UP: May 17th – 23rd The Coup and the Prince by Mell Eight BLITZ

Publisher: NineStar PressAuthor: Mell Eight
Release Date: May 17, 2021
ISBN: 978-1-64890-284-0
Format: ePub, Mobi
Cover Artist: Natasha Snow
Category: Romance
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Word Count: 19900
Sex Content: N/A
Pairing: MM
Orientation: Gay
Identity: Cisgender
Warning: Mention of human trafficking of children

The coup should have been simple: oust the tyrannical regents and restore the rightful heir to the throne. No one expected the rightful heir to be dead, or for his younger brother to be missing. The search for the missing prince is important, but not as important as putting the destroyed country back together. At least, that’s what Aiden thinks until he stumbles on a terrible crime ring and a pair of beautiful green eyes that might just derail everything he’s been working towards.

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